Current and upcoming ventures

Our site has been officially launched for one month now!  Thanks for all the visits, music downloads, kind words, and support!  We love sharing our music with you and your communities.  Please contact us if you are interested in using our music in your parishes.  You can fill in the form on the contact page or simply shoot us an email at

Currently, we are working on our upcoming album which will be a compilation of our liturgical and nonliturgical music.  It can be tricky to produce an album in your home with 3 kids under 5!  But it is a wonderful challenge and we are so very blessed to be able to share on this adventure together!  You can bet that the silent sleepy smiles of our little ones are behind many of our recordings, as they often wander out of bed at night into our music studio, cuddle up with blankets, and listen to our recording sessions.  It is truly a blessed life.

Keep your eyes and ears out for more new music coming soon!  In the meantime, enjoy the blessings of the Easter Season and peace be with all of you.