Schaal Music is a husband and wife team of professional musicians, who provide both live and recorded music for liturgical and nonliturgical events.

"I will sing praises to my God, all my life long." Psalm 146:2

Only In God_Piano Solo 

Today we celebrate the annunciation of the Lord. It is truly through Mary‘s “yes“ that allowed Christ to enter this world, and save us. Today the song I am posting is “Only in God“ by John Michael Talbot. It is based on Psalm 62, and I imagine it was one that Mary knew well. May we trust in God’s will today, just as Mary did, that through our yeses, may we bring peace, joy, and hope in this difficult time.


On Eagle's Wings_Piano Solo 

Good morning all. Today I am sharing “On Eagle’s Wing” by Michael Joncas. Every time I hear this song I think of funerals. This song has been used at the majority of funeral services I have played at over the past 20 years of music ministry. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little tired of this song. But, to be completely honest, every time I play it, whether it’s at a funeral or mass or this video, it still touches my heart. I think this is a testament to the power of this song, but also to the beauty of psalm 91. May we all find comfort today in God’s divine providence and endless love for us. 

And he will raise you up on eagle's wings, 
bear you on the breath of dawn, 
make you to shine like the sun, 
and hold you in the palm of his hand.

The Summons_Piano Solo 

As our governor prepares to make a stay at home announcement later today, I think of all the nurses and doctors who won’t have the option to stay home. We are all blessed by their sacrifice and “yes” to serve those in need. “Will you leave yourself behind, if I but call your name.” Thanks to my brother Nathaniel, and all other health care providers. 

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Suo Gan_Piano Lullaby 

As we journey through this time of unrest, isolation, and fear. I hope this lullaby brings you a moment of peace. I miss making music with my community and friends, and I am thankful for the opportunity to at least share my music with all of you here. Thankful for the gift of music and it’s healing power during this difficult time. Blessings and prayers to you all.

The Piano sheet music is available in the store section on our website. 

We are chosen to share 

I pray all of you are enjoying these cooler, shorter days. Summer has ended and my family and I are fully back into the swing of school and busy schedules. I was recently having a conversation with a friend about the videos I have posted on youtube and how much he enjoyed them. It reminded me how much I enjoy making them and sharing my creativity with those around me. I love every aspect of creating music, but so many times, I find myself doubting my abilities, thinking "Is any of this any good, will anyone listen to this?" I know that is not the case, but the doubt still creeps in. The evil one wants nothing more than for us to doubt the goodness God has given us. I need reminders like my friend sharing his love for my music/videos. We all need reminders that we have amazing things to share with those around us, for the Glory of God. 

I have pulled out my (dusty) recording equipment and DSLR camera and started making videos again. I am trying to trust, let go, and let God do the good work in them. It is not up to me to touch people's hearts, but I know that God can work through my talents and change lives. May we all have the wisdom to see our gifts, offer them to God, and recklessly share them with our families, communities, and the world. 

I have posted a few videos here. Happy listening to all of you, and may God bless you with a trust in his goodness.

In Christ, Nichlas



Communion Antiphons 

Communion antiphons are musical refrains taken from scripture with verses taken from the Psalms. The antiphons are sung during the distribution of communion at mass. In many cases they tie together the readings and themes of the mass being celebrated. When I first started working in Liturgical music, over 15 years ago, I had no ideas what a communion antiphon was. I was well versed in the many beautiful "communion songs" we sing in our churches, ("One Bread, One Body," "I Am the Bread of Life," "The Supper of the Lord"...)  but did not know that for hundreds of years the church had used the "communion antiphons" as their communion songs. After Vatican II all the communion antiphons were translated to the world's languages, but the chant music did not fit with the new translations. I have attempted to use different settings of communion antiphons but have found them far to complex to teach to my choir each week, let alone get the congregation singing with us. The video below is my attempt to find a middle ground. In this video you will hear all the communion antiphons for the season of lent. I have boiled them down to three simple refrains. My hopes is to make it easy on my choir and ultimately congregation. Stay tuned for more videos as I complete the setting for Easter, Advent and Christmas following the same goal of simplicity and repetition. If you would like copies to try out with your communities, please contact me and I will happily share them with you, I'm still in the testing stage and would love your input. In Christ, Nichlas

Come Holy Ghost 

Our first music video!  Here is a fun arrangement of "Come Holy Ghost" which we put together.  Enjoy, like, share!

Next concert!! July 19, at 7 pm in Eugene, OR 

We are so excited to be taking our concert on the road to Eugene, OR! July, 19 @ 7 pm at St. Mary's Catholic Church, we will be performing an outdoor concert with songs from our album, "The Call: To Know, Love, and Serve" as well as a new song or two. This is a FREE event, with CDs for sale after the concert. Come and join us!! 

Concert Videos Now Available 

A big thank you to all those who helped perform, mix, record, and attend our concert last weekend.  We had such a wonderful time praying and singing with you and it was such a joy to share our music and stories with you.  If you weren't able to attend the concert, or want to relive it again, you can now see it on youtube!  The complete concert playlist is available on the link above. 

Please like, share, and tell use your thoughts! We pray your Lent continues to be a prayerful and peaceful time.

~ N& J

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